City of Toronto Youth Violence Prevention

URZ City youth violence

The Youth Violence Prevention project is funded by the City of Toronto and focuses on violence intervention and interruption with an emphasis on socioemotional learning. The collaborative partnership with Fernie Youth Services delivers culturally and socially-responsive programs and services to the Canlish and Glamorgan communities.

The programs empower youth by enhancing their resilience, positive youth leadership, life and social skills, healthy relationships, self-regulation, confidence, and providing training opportunities.

The project emphasizes the following key components:

  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Intervention & Prevention Workshops/Activities, which include the following: Socioemotional Learning; Restorative practices; Enhanced mental health and well-being; Violence prevention/interruption
  • Wrap-around support
  • Food security support
  • Crisis support
  • Identifying and enhancing relationships with the youth
  • Working closely with partnering organizations within the Canlish and Glamorgan communities to ensure the effective implementation of the project activities
  • One-on-one case management support
  • Provide trauma-informed care with culturally-responsive services and mentoring programs
  • Engage in restorative practices through de-escalation and conflict resolution
  • Support and foster meaningful partnerships with a broad range of community stakeholders, including residents, schools, police services, youth justice services, and the courts to coordinate processes for referring youth to the project