Reality Education and Applied Life Skills (R.E.A.L School) Putting Prep in Your Step

Reality Education and Applied Life Skills (R.E.A.L School) Putting Prep in Your Step

REAL School is funded by the Future Skills Centre and is a 54-session project-based learning program that aligns Black, Indigenous, and racialized youth with careers based on their interests, personality traits, and skill sets (ISPs).

The Program deploys popular culture as an accessible entry point for youth to discover careers that align with their interests. The curriculum improves social functioning and promotes prosocial behaviours as a pillar of career preparedness. REAL school is designed to enrich youth potential, develop realistic career goals, and hone skills that are transferable to the job market.

Project Objectives:

  • Offer workshops to MVP youth
  • Identify individual ISPs, build rapport, and gain youth trust
  • Teach professional and interpersonal skills that participants can apply toward future careers
  • Teach conflict management and life skills
  • Provide one-on-one coaching and mentorship opportunities
  • Build community capacity for prosocial youth engagement
  • Reduce community violence, recidivism, youth interaction with Criminal Justice System, and participation in antisocial activities

Summary of Activities

  • Provide individual coaching and case management
  • Connect youth to additional supports and pathways to education through the Spanning the Gaps program at the Chang School of Continuing Education
  • Conduct community-building sessions to foster prosocial youth engagement
  • Develop final projects with youth cohorts
  • Present final projects in local showcases