URSSE Project Olori

The Olori Collaborative works with stakeholders to build an intentional, sustainable-communal support, and social advocacy for Black youth leadership.

Olori, the Yoruba word for ‘leadership’, is a youth initiative aimed to facilitate a change in how Black youth’s voices are heard and in what ways they can be engaged in deeper and meaningful discussions. These discussions include the socio-political realm within the City of Toronto, by changing the single-story narrative, which often presents, defines, and limits Black youth’s opportunities. As a project, Olori explores and celebrates African identity, enhances cultural pride, creates networks for mentorship, and encourages Black youth to better understand the layers of civic engagement and community partnership.

The Olori Collaborative uses a consensus model to guide the navigation of the initiative. and engages youth across the city through the Olori Youth Councils. The Councils lead in facilitating a series of workshops and activities that promote leadership development, civic engagement and the active participation of their peers in social politics.

How will Olori impact me?

The project provides Black youth from FIVE (5) specific neighbourhoods in the city with greater access to community-based resources and anti-oppressive education, which will better support them to navigate systemic and institutional barriers that directly impact them.

Black youth have been given platforms to be leaders through voicing their experiences and reclamation of their identity; through the leadership training, these youth will acquire transferable skills that will enhance their skill sets and increase employment opportunities.

Olori is facilitated by five organizations across the city of Toronto:

Delta Family Resource Centre, Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC), For Youth Initiative (FYI), Somali Women & Children’s Support Network (SWCSN) and Urban Rez Solutions.