Support and Advocacy Programs for Black Youth in Schools

Research shows that Black students at Urban and Priority Schools in Ontario face environmental, social, emotional and financial barriers to academic success. Urban Rez Solutions’ evidence-based model addresses the key factors that hold Black students back from achieving their full potential.

Urban Rez Solutions currently works with Winston Churchill and West Hill Collegiate Institutes bi-weekly to provide community-based and culturally-relevant advocacy support to Black students and families. We are rapidly expanding to other schools in Scarborough and the GTHA. Write to us if you would like Urban Rez to provide programming at your child’s school.

We work directly with students and families to develop individual strategies for helping you and your child to overcome barriers when navigating school processes and systems. We are part of the Ontario Government-funded Student Family Advocates Initiative, as well as the City of Toronto’s Youth Violence Prevention Initiative-funded Olori Initiative.

Are you a Black Parent/Caregiver living in the GTHA?

  • Do you have questions about the education system?
  • Do you feel your child is being treated unfairly at school?
  • Is your child being bullied or experiencing anti-Black racism in school?
  • Is your child suspended or expelled?
  • Are you receiving frequent notes at home about your child’s behaviour?
  • Do you have questions about specialized programs or Independent Education Plans (IEP)?

Urban Rez can:

  • Support you and your child to navigate the elementary, secondary and postsecondary school system.
  • Provide you with skills and knowledge to effectively self-advocate and navigate the education system.
  • Advocate for your family during processes like disciplinary practices and parent-teacher communications.
  • Ensure students and parents have input and understanding regarding decisions and processes that directly or significantly impact the student.
  • Refer students and parents to culturally relevant supports and services.
  • Cultivate positive outcomes for Black children, youth and families in schools by providing educational/career/life pathway planning
  • Provide leadership, advice and support to schools on anti-Black racism
  • Help and train you to effectively engage in your child’s education.