An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention is funded by Public Safety Canada and is a collaboration amongst FIVE (5) community-based organizations, which include the following: Delta Family Resource Centre, Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC), For Youth Initiative (FYI), Somali Women & Children’s Support Network (SWCSN), and Urban Rez Solutions.

An Ounce of Prevention focuses on providing culturally appropriate services for Black youth who are in conflict situations within the Criminal Justice System, school and Safe School Programs, and child-welfare systems. An Ounce of Prevention uses research-based strategies that are direct interventions to help support youth and their families. The program works with Black youth from ages 7 to 29 and their families to assist them in creating better futures, and being ready to take on positive roles in their community.

An Ounce of Prevention focuses on strengthening support networks for Black youth and their families through relevant methods. This includes engaging children, youth, and their families through Africentric-based educational workshops in the community that enhance positive Black and African identities.

Urban Rez Solutions’ role in this collaborative effort will be responsible for public education, social service sector branding, workshop and town hall facilitation, and event management.

An Ounce of Prevention’s approach:

  1. Creating youth programs which engage and reach Black youth and families, focusing on those at enhanced risk.
  2. Implementing prevention strategies, which include leadership training, education programs, linkages to relevant services.
  3. Direct Intervention strategies: these include family group conferencing, counseling, case management, community violence interruption, court support, services for incarcerated individuals, creative opportunities (e.g. theatre), family supports, access to employment, and entrepreneurship training.